Preston Waterscapes-25 years of Quality in the Making


We put the "Art" in Artificial Rockwork

Preston Waterscapes is in the business of building ponds that are not just works of art but art that stands the test of time. We insist on concrete and steel construction in all our ponds. No liners. Plus, our use of artificial and natural rock-work, superior waterproofing techniques and the latest developments in filtration and sanitation, mean that we can build ponds that are clean, and clear enough to swim in!


Loaded with ever breeding Koi, this natural and artificial rock beauty is over 15 years old. No liner here. We insist on using concrete and steel construction in all our ponds.


An above ground pond and waterfeature located in Calabasas. Perfect for a small yard in a hillside setting!


This natural wonder in Woodland Hills is one of our favorites. Lots of pathways and seating areas make it enjoyable from every angle!


This Japanese inspired circular pond has a maximum depth of over six feet, assuring that the owner's investment in some very large koi wont become an expensive meal for cranes and other predators.