Building and Restoring the Finest Artificial Rockwork
in The San Fernando Valley, Agoura, Westlake, Thousand Oaks
and all other cities in The Los Angeles and Ventura Counties
for more than 30 years! 

Founded by brothers Ric and Chris Preston, PRESTON WATERSCAPES has become synonymous with quality in the creation of and one-of-a-kind landscape projects utilizing the versatility and durability that artificial rock provides. While much of today's artificial rockwork is the product of a slick salesman and a crew of unskilled labor, we have always insisted on being hands-on to the last detail; a difference that is important to the discerning landscape architect, designer or homeowner. Ric's creativity, desire for perfection, and relentless pursuit of quality and durability has served us well in the development of an ever-growing variety of tools, techniques, and technology used to create the most natural look available in the world of artificial rock. Every Preston Waterscapes project is created on-site, using steel, concrete, and mortar construction. No fiberglass, no molds, no repetition. This process insures that your backyard doesn't look like the one down the street. It's the one your neighbors wish they had.


We've done it again. This is our latest Cornerstone award winner.
That makes 5 in a row! Click on the "Spectacular Pools"
page to learn more about it.

On the following pages you'll find a number of pictures representative of our achievements, but with the limited space of this website, we cannot possibly convey the true scope of our ability.
We invite you to compare our work with that of our competitors. Not through pictures and brochures but by hands-on inspection.
The difference is obvious.
The difference is astounding.
The difference is artistic integrity. 


When does artificial rock not look like artificial rock?
When it's a Preston Waterscapes creation!